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Leather Care Kit
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Leather Handbag Care Kit
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Leather Photo Gallery

A collection of before & after photos of leather cleaning, repair & restoration work that has been done using our products. The photos have either been taken by ourselves or sent into us by members of the public or trade who have used our products.

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Hermes Birkin Colour Change

Our customer wanted her Hermes Birkin changed from caramel to match a rarer pink colour of leather Hermes do. After unsuccessfully trying to locate a bag in this rare colour, she decide to send the bag into us, along with a pink diary cover from Hermes, so we could change the Birkin to match the pink colour of the diary she wanted.

The Birkin costs in excess of £5500 from new, and so it was essential that we kept everything completely authentic. This involved carefully masking off every single piece of stitching, colouring around the gold embossed "Hermes, made in France" logo and also colouring in the brown edges around the bag.

The end result is superb! To buy a Hermes Birkin in this colour from ebay or other Hermes dealer could set you back over £20,000!

Gloss Paint Removal

Gloss paint is a stubborn stain and cannot be removed with our leather stain remover. Instead, you need to use a leather colourant kit to remove as much of the stain as possible and then re-spray the area to blend it in with the sofa. This is what was done in this photo. An alternative is to have one of our leather technicians come out and fix the damage for you.

Chanel Fire Damage

This Chanel bag was caught in a house fire, it damaged every panel to the bag except the bottom. All the panles were replaced and the bag basically re-made. Our customer was very happy with the results.

Mulberry Bad Black Stain

This Mulberry handbag came into us with a very bad stain to the bottom and the front. The stain was removed and our Protection Cream applied.

When we clean and restore leather we always make sure to restore the leather back to its original way - notice the stitching has been restored as well as the leather!

Porsche Logo Painting

This Porsche car seat has an embossed Porsche logo, but no colour! So we carefully painted the logo in.

Showing 1 - 5 of 556 matching projects.
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