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Leather Guides & FAQ

Below is a selection of step by step (illustrated) instructions on how to clean, repair & restore leather.

Standard Repair Guides

Cleaning & Stain Removal Guides

Furniture Restoration Guides

Car Interior Restoration Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning & Stain Removal Questions

Q. I have spilt nail polish on my leather sofa, can this be removed?
A. Yes, but do not use nail varnish remover, this is acetone based and will strip the colour from the leather. Instead, use our leather stain remover.

Q. How do I clean oil from leather?
A. If you have split any type of oil, such as sun tan oil, baby oil, hand cream or lotion, or oil from cooking or food, it can all be removed using the leather degreaser.

Q. I have spilt emulsion paint on my leather car seat, can this be removed?
A. Yes, using the leather stain remover. However, gloss paint is much more difficult to remove, and you'll need a leather colourant kit if you have a gloss paint stain.

Q. How do I remove denim dye from a cream leather bag?
A. Denim and other dye transfer stains are caused when the dye is rubbed off onto the surface of the leather. Regardless of the type of leather, this can be removed using the leather stain remover.

Q. How do I remove ink stains from leather?
A. Simply by using the leather ink remover kit. This will remove biro marks spots and other pen marks from leather.

Q. How do you get felt tip pen out of leather?
A. Felt tip pen stains can be removed using the leather ink remover kit.

Q. How do I remove permanent marker from a leather couch or sofa?
A. First clean the area with a leather cleaner to remove the excess stain on the surface. Then apply the leather ink remover to remove the permanent marker.

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