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You are here: Leather Care Products - Leather Ink & Stain Removers
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Wood Stain
Wood Stain
From HK$ 30.00
Wood Wax & Polish
Wood Wax & Polish
From HK$ 140.00
Carpet & Upholstery Care Kit
Carpet & Upholstery Care Kit
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Beeswax Polish
Beeswax Polish
HK$ 200.00
Leather Care Kit
Leather Care Kit
HK$ 379.00

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Leather Ink & Stain Removers

Liquid Leather Degreaser

Liquid Leather DegreaserInstantly removes grease from leather

From HK$ 110.00

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Stain & Odour Eliminator

Stain & Odour EliminatorCleans & removes strong odours and stains caused by children, pets & general accidents

HK$ 140.00

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Leather Stain Remover

Leather Stain RemoverLeather Stain Remover will safely remove all stains from all leathers.

It’s ideal for removing dye transfer from jeans, cushions & clothes, which it does safely using little effort, and with its unique cleaning action this specialist stain remover also tackles all other staining on leather.

HK$ 150.00

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Leather Ink Remover Kit

Leather Ink Remover KitRemoves any type of ink stain from leather regardless of how long the stain has been there.

HK$ 190.00

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Leather Degreaser

Leather DegreaserSpecialist product used for degreasing leather.

The Leather Degreaser will remove all grease and oil stains from all types of leather.

From HK$ 220.00

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Leather First Aid Kit

Leather First Aid KitHuge leather care kit with specialist products to deal with every problem!

Contains products for cleaning, removing stains, touch ups and protection.

HK$ 1,216.00

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Mould Remover

Mould RemoverSpecialist Mould Remover for use on delicate materials. Removes all mould stains and mould smells from fabric, leather and wood.

From HK$ 190.00

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Spew Remover

Spew RemoverSpew Remover will remove the stain and prevent it returning.

From HK$ 220.00

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Pro Ink Remover

Pro Ink RemoverHighly Effective Solution for Removing Stubborn Ink Stains

HK$ 130.00

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