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You are here: Articles - BEST OILS FOR WOOD FURNITURE
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         What are the best Oils for Wood Furniture

Oiling wood is a tried and tested method, used for hundreds of years around the World to maintain, protect and enhance the natural beauty of all wooden surfaces. In this article we will look at both the best oils for outdoor wood furniture and the best wood oils for furniture used indoors. There are many different types of Wood Oils available, but the most common are Danish, Teak, Tung and Linseed (shown in the chart below).

You may hear of people using Olive Oil, Walnut Oil, Raw Linseed Oil and others too. We’ll discuss these in the article, but you’re best using one of the Wood Oils listed above. We also supply Mineral Oil as a Chopping Board Oil, which is an excellent FDA Food Grade Oil.

What is a Wood Oil?

An Oil is probably one of the most popular methods for finishing wood. Wood Oils don’t provide the high level of protection as a modern varnish or lacquer, but people still choose to use Wood Oils as they bring out the natural characteristics and beauty of the wood and they’re very easy to use.

What is the best Wood Oil to use?

These are the most common Wood Oils available and can be used to treat all different types of wood. There is no one oil that is better than another, but some Wood Oils are better for specific jobs or uses; we’ve created this chart that compares the different wood oils available.

Q. Finishing or re-finishing using the same oil?

If you’re starting a new project you can chose to apply any oil to it you like. If the wood has already been finished with an oil, we recommend applying the same type of oil to it again. If you don’t know what type of oil was previously used, you’re best cleaning it back as much as possible and then oiling the wood with your preferred choice.

Q. What is the best oil for Outdoor Wood Furniture?

Teak Oil is the best oil to use on outdoor furniture. It provides excellent weather and water resistance and also helps teak wood (most outdoor furniture is teak) keep its lovely honey patina.

You should avoid using Boiled Linseed Oil on all exterior wood.

Q. What is the best oil for wood floors?

We recommend using Danish Oil for all wooden floors. It is a hard wearing protective oil that will provide years of use and beauty. Some soaks into the wood to provide nourishment and the rest forms an attractive, protective barrier on the surface to help keep the floor in good condition. In dries quickly in 4-6 hours. 

Q. What is the best oil for Kitchen Worktops, Countertops and Butcher Blocks?

Danish Oil is a very hard wearing Oil that will provide great protection. You may also want to use our 100% Pure Tung Oil as a completely natural alternative. Both products will provide a great finish, the main difference is the Danish Oil will leave a very fine coating on the surface whereas the Tung Oil will completely soak in.

We recommend using our Worktop Maintenance Kit as this included Danish Oil along with all the accessories you'll need for maintaining kitchen worktops.

Q. What is the best oil for Oak?

The best oil for oak really depends on how the oak will be used, rather than what type of wood it actually is. Danish Oil is a common choice for oak is it will bring out the beauty of the oak and provide a lustrous finish.

Q. Can I use Olive Oil or other Vegetable Oils on Wood?

No you shouldn’t. Vegetable Oils are non-drying Oils so will stay oily within the wood when you apply them. The oil can then go rancid and/or attract dirt to the surface as it would feel oily to the touch.

The oils used in consumer Wood Oils are all drying oils, typically from nuts, and as the name suggests will dry over a period of time once applied.

Q. What is the best oil for bowls and other kitchen items?

You’re best using our Cutting Board Oil, which is made from 100% Pure Mineral Oil. Our Mineral Oil is FDA Grade and so safe to use in all food contact areas. The oil will never go rancid and is safe to use for people with allergies as it doesn’t contain nuts.

If you're looking for more information to help compare the different wood oils, check out our blog post doing just that - Wood Oil Finish comparison.


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