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You are here: Wood Care Products - Wood Oils & Waxes - Extra Tough Interior Wood Varnish
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Extra Tough Interior Wood Varnish
Extra Tough Interior Wood Varnish
HK$ 150.00

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Extra Tough Interior Wood Varnish

Extra Tough Interior Wood Varnish

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A quick drying, water-based polyurethane interior wood varnish to protect all hard and soft woods against knocks, scratches and stains

  • Clear Varnish; durable and non-yellowing finish
  • Great for doors, skirting, furniture and all interior woods
  • Enriches the natural colour and grain of wood
  • Suitable for new and previously stained wood
  • Low V.O.C content and virtually odour free
  • Easy to apply with brush or roller

HK$ 150.00

In Stock & Ready To Send


Our Interior Wood Varnish is formulated for use on all indoor wooden surfaces such as furniture, skirting boards, doors and joinery. It’s water-based which makes it easy and safe to use with minimal clean up – just wash your brush or roller under the tap!

When applied to any wooden surface it will enrich the natural colour and grain of the wood helping to create a lovely smooth finish in either matt, satin or gloss varnish.

The finish dries quickly to form a very tough and durable coating to protect against knocks, scratches and stains. The Varnish is great when applied to either newly or previously stained surfaces as it brings out the depth of colour in the stain finishing any project off nicely.

Clear Wood Varnish

If your wood is the perfect colour and you're worried about treating it with a product that might change the colour, you'll be pleased to know that our Interior Wood Varnish dries completely clear. You can choose the matt, satin, or gloss varnish for your desired look safely knowing that each varnish will dry completely clear.

The clear wood varnish will enhance the natural beauty and characteristics of the wood, whilst providing protection at the same time.

Suitable For

Our Interior Varnish can be used on any indoor item of wood; both hardwood and softwood.

  • Furniture
  • Doors
  • Skirting Boards
  • Architrave
  • Joinery



Ensure the surface is clean, dry and dust free.

If the wood has been previously varnished, ensure all of the old varnish has been stripped/sanded off first.

New wood should be wiped down with Methylated Spirit if needed.

If you’re staining the wood, ensure the wood is prepared correctly before staining, then you can then simply apply the varnish directly on to the stain once dry.


Shake the bottle well before use (no thinning required). If you are unsure of the finish, test it on an unseen area first.

Apply evenly using a good quality brush, working in the direction of the grain. The surface will be touch dry within 30 minutes but we recommend waiting an hour before applying the second coat.

If you’re applying the varnish onto our water based Wood Stain, apply the first coat gently to ensure you do not disturb the stain.

Apply a second and third coat in the same way as the first. For an extra smooth finish you can sand the varnish in between coats with a de-nibbing pad. If sanding, be sure to wipe up any dust before applying the next coat.

Always wait one hour before sanding and/or applying the next coat. The surface will be touch dry within 30 minutes but we recommend waiting 24 hours before using the wood.


You can clean varnished wooden surfaces using our Wood Cleaner. Or, for extra protection (and extra shine) you can treat it with Beeswax Polish.

Video - How to Apply Wood Stain & Wood Varnish


Coverage & Shelf Life

1 Litre of Wood Varnish will cover up to 12m2.

The Extra Tough Interior Wood Varnish should be stored at room temperature and is guaranteed to work for three years once opened.


1.       Is it a waterproof varnish for wood?

Yes, once applied to any wooden surface, the varnish will seal the wood prevent water from soaking in.

2.       Do you do a matt wood varnish?

Yes, our interior wood varnish is available in three different sheens; matt, satin and gloss. The matt varnish provides a lovely natural look, the satin has a slight shine, and the gloss wood varnish provides a deep shine.

3.       Is it a clear wood varnish?

Yes, our varnish is a clear wood varnish. Once applied, and dried, it remains beautifully clear and will not yellow like some varnishes.

4.       Can the interior wood varnish be used to varnish furniture?

Yes. It’s perfect for varnishing furniture and all other interior woods.

5.       Can it be used on all types of wood?

Yes, our interior wood varnish is safe for use on all types of wood, popular woods people often varnish are oak, pine, teak, beech, walnut and mahogany.

6.       Is it an acrylic varnish for wood?

No, we make our varnish using polyurethane, which is a more modern and versatile varnish compared to acrylic.


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Extra Tough Interior Wood Varnish
250ml Extra Tough Interior Wood Varnish - HK$ 150.00
In Stock & Ready To Send

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